Perspectives on Human-Animal Relations (Fall 2011)


Thur. Dec. 8 – Recapitulation and Legal Case Study: Navy Sonar and Cetaceans


Final paper due date (by email): no later than December 17th



Navy Sonar and Whales


On Cetaceans


Endangered Species Act



Links to date, Summer 2011 AR-AW

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Links on companion and service animals (July 12) 


On Animals and Ethics (July 13)


On Public Policy (July 14)


On Social Capital, Social Movements, and NGO Tactics


On Animal Consciousness (Tues, July 19)


On primates (Wed, July 20)


On Cetaceans (Wed, July 20)


Links on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Hunting (for Thur, July 21 and Mon, July 25)


Videos on Food and Agriculture


Links on Animal Agriculture


Videos on Inhumane Practices in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) [graphic]


See here for a more comprehensive list of my bookmarks on food policy - I have lots.


On Global Food Politics and Related Issues


Animals as Symbols 


Links on Animal Experimentation


Animals and Biotechnology


Re Class Discussion


On Zoos and Aquariums


Animal Law