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HAR, links to date

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For the first day of class


On companion animals   


Some overarching topics


On Animals and Ethics


In the news


On public policy and related topics


 In the news, and re. class discussion


Links on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Hunting


On Animal Consciousness (Tues, July 19)


On Food and Agriculture


On Animal Agriculture



On Food and Diet


 Collected food policy and animal ag links from my firefox bookmarks here


On ecolabeling  


Links on Animal Experimentation


Animals and Biotechnology


Some links I've collected on research animals

The Unraveling of Homogeny § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews

In U.S., Few Alternatives To Testing On Animals - washingtonpost.com

Son-Of-A-Bitch Mouse Solves Maze Researchers Spent Months Building | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Monkeys Fattened Up to Study Human Obesity - NYTimes.com

Calif. School First to Ban Dissections in Software Deal - Students to use free anatomy software instead of frogs

Freakonomics » Taking Lab Rats Seriously: The Case Against (Most) Animal Testing

Medical Student Charged With Killing 14 Dogs - Cops respond after tip that Italian greyhounds were disappearing

Richard Dawkins on vivisection: "But can they suffer?" - Boing Boing

Rats Necessary in Tinnitus Research–Teach Us About Working of Brain » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog


Other issues (and in the news)


On Zoos and Aquariums


Animals as Symbols 


Animal Law


And on law more generally...


Other links


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