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Readings to date, HAR 2011

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Due Thursday Sept 15 - Focus on Companion Animals

  • Armstrong and Botzler (hereafter Armstrong), Part Nine: Animal Companions (542-583)

    • Bernard E. Rollin and Michael D. H. Rollin, “Dogmaticisms and Catechisms: Ethics and Companion Animals” (546-550)

    • Clare Palmer, “Killing Animals in Animal Shelters” (570-578)

    • And at least browse the intro and some of the other articles in this section. . .
  • Yi-Fu Tuan, “Animal Pets: Cruelty and Affection” (Kalof and Fitzgerald, hereafter Kalof)

  • Class notes here: Excollege HAR, class notes on companion animals.pdf
  • First pbworks upload here: First pbworks upload


Due Thursday Sept 22 - Introducing Animal Ethics [focus on Singer]


Due Sept.  29 - Focus on NGOs and Public Policy


Due Oct. 6 (different from syllabus! Jumping ahead a week...): Guest Teaching by Allen Rutberg

  • J. Baird Callicott, “The Philosophical Value of Wildlife” (Armstrong 439-443)

  • Dale Peterson, “To Eat the Laughing Animal” (Armstrong 485-489)

  • Marti Kheel, “The Killing Game: An Ecofeminist Critique” (Armstrong 454-463)

  • Alastair S. Gunn, “Environmental Ethics and Trophy Hunting” (Armstrong 464-473)

  • Aldo Leopold, "The Land Ethic", available here: http://home.btconnect.com/tipiglen/landethic.html
  • Third pbworks upload here: Third pbworks upload


Due Oct 13 - focus on Animal Consciousness 

  • Daniel Dennett, “Animal Consciousness: What Matters and Why” (Armstrong 113-119)

  • Marian Stamp Dawkins, “Animal Minds and Animal Emotions” (Armstrong 120-125)

  • Bernard E. Rollin, “Animal Pain” (Armstrong 135-140)

  • Marc Bekoff, “Wild Justice and Fair Play” (Kalof 72-90...this is longer than the others - skim if necessary, but at least get the core idea)

  • Class notes here: HAR class notes, animal consciousness.pdf
  • Fourth pbworks upload here: Fourth pbworks upload 



Thur. Oct. 20 – Animals as Food, 1: Livestock Agriculture and the Global Food System



Thur. Oct. 20 – Animals as Food, 2: Focus on Diet and Food Choices

  • Steven L. Davis, “The Least Harm Principle May Require That Humans Consume a Diet Containing Large Herbivores, not a Vegan Diet” (Armstrong 243-247)

  • James Rachels, “The Basic Argument for Vegetarianism” (Armstrong 260-267)

  • Kathryn Paxton George, “A Paradox of Ethical Vegetarianism: Unfairness to Women and Children” (Armstrong 274-280)

  • David Nibert, “The Promotion of “Meat” and its Consequences” (Kalof 182-189)

  • (Optional, but recommended) David Foster Wallace, "Consider the Lobster": http://www.gourmet.com/magazine/2000s/2004/08/consider_the_lobster 
  •  Sixth pbworks upload:  Sixth pbworks upload
  • Class notes here: Animals as Food, day 2, class notes on diet and vegetarianism.pdf
  • Reading response paper due (guidelines in syllabus) - feel free to send me questions or drafts anytime up to 24 hours before the paper is due.
  • Be ready to discuss at least some general ideas for your final paper (I meant to do this last week, but didn't get around to it in class...)


Thur. Nov. 3 - Animals as Experimental Subjects

  • David DeGrazia, “The Ethics of Animal Research” (Armstrong 308-316)

  • Baruch Brody, “Defending Animal Research” (Armstrong 317-325)

  • F. Barbara Orlans, “Ethical Themes of National Regulations Governing Animal Experiments: An International Perspective” (Armstrong 334-341)

  • (optional) Lynda Birke, “Into the Laboratory” (Kalof 323-335)

    • Another piece by Birke (Armstrong) - "Who - or what - are the rats (and mice) in the laboratory?"
  • David Morton, "Some Ethical Issues in Biotechnology Involving Animals" (Armstrong)

  • Final project outine (or brainstorm) due - feel free to email me with any questions as you're working on this... 
  • Class notes: HAR class notes, animals as experimental subjects.pdf
  • Seventh upload here: Seventh pbworks upload 



Thur. Nov. 10 – Animals in Education and Entertainment (Focus on Zoos)


Thur. Nov. 17 – Animals as Symbols


Thur. Dec. 1 - Animal Law

  • Steven Wise, “A Great Shout: Legal Rights for Great Apes” (Armstrong 589-595)

  • Richard Posner, “Book Review of Rattling the Cage” (Armstrong 596-600)

  • Richard Epstein, “The Dangerous Claims of the Animal Rights Movement” (Armstrong 601-604)

  • Selected passages from key legal cases (and class notes): Class notes and compiled notes on Animal Law.pdf

  • Print out some of and look over the HSLF's 111th Legislative Scorecard: http://www.hslf.org/humanescorecard/ 

    • Feel free to just print out a few pages of this (the main senate/house pages, and then the ones that have your state's senators/reps would work...) 
  • Final paper rough draft due (at least four pages and five sources - this doesn't need to be the first four pages, necessarily...)

  • Tenth upload here: Tenth pbworks upload

    • For this upload, please look through the 'key legal cases' handout above (which is mostly a condensation of my class notes from a Harvard Law School Animal Law course I took a while back), and pick a legal case to look into in a bit more depth.


Thur. Dec. 8 – Recapitulation and Legal Case Study: Navy Sonar and Cetaceans




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